Fans everywhere have been wondering since the New 3DS was announced if DS games would be playable, as fear was dripping in that they wouldn’t be. As it turns out, this likely isn’t the case. While all we know about this comes from a Q and A session in Japan, it seems that DS games will be supported, while GBA games will not. No surprise on the latter, given that GBA game support has been gone since the DSi days.

Q: Can it play all Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS games?

A: As far as Nintendo DS/DSi software goes, it won’t be able to play game cartridges that require a specific connections to the cartridge slots, such as the ones that required the GBA cartridge slot on the DS Lite and DS.

Take this for what you will, but it seems like the compatibility does exist for a majority of the DS titles. If you’re wondering… what is pictured to the left is the smaller version of the New 3DS model.

Source: Nintendo Everything

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