WWE LogoA few weeks ago, Nathan posted an interview with Olivia Munn where she spoke about her love for the Zelda series. Being such an influential and well known series, Zelda

is bound to be the favorite of numerous celebrities. This time, some

wrestlers from World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) spoke about their

love for the legendary series.

During E3 this year, ESPN interviewed John Morrison about the Smackdown vs Raw 2010 game, and surprisingly, Zelda came up in the interview.

ESPN: Were you a gamer growing up?

John Morrison:

I used to love Street Fighter II and games like F-Zero and Zelda. Then I moved on to the N64 and Mario Kart. That’s what I played the


Cody Rhodes Zelda Triforce Boots

ESPN also caught up with Cody Rhodes, who claims to be quite a hardcore Zelda fan. His passion for the series is quite well known, as Maria reported back in June ‘08.

Cody Rhodes: All you need to do is look down at my boots. My pro wrestling boots that I’ve worn for the past year have the Triforce symbol from Legend of Zelda on them. Some kids like books, some kids like movies, but for me, every year I still go back and play Legend of Zelda. So to me, when I got up to the big time, I thought that Zelda was my thing. CM Punk has a Pepsi tattoo, so why can’t I have the Triforce? Gaming is huge to me, it’s all I do.

Whenever they bring out a new Zelda game, I’m there. I don’t know if it’s Link or if it’s Zelda with the pointy little ears. I remember thinking as a kid that she was pretty hot.

Rhodes says that his favorite game in the series is A Link to the Past, and that he’s quite happy to “stick with the Triforce” as his wrestling emblem.

Whatever celebrities think really shouldn’t be a concern to our love for the series, but it does remind us of the vast fanbase the Zelda series has.

You can read the full John Morrison interview here, and the Cody Rhodes interview here.

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