I know for a fact that most of us are genuinely surprised when we learn that somebody famous from another form of media is actually an avid gamer. But many musicians, actors, and even professional sports athletes kick back and relax with some good, old-fashioned gaming. Speaking of athletes, we have one here who nobody is ready for… to perform a Zelda cover of all things.

WWE Superstar and former SmackDown Live Women’s Champion Asuka recently launched her own gaming YouTube channel called KanaChanTV. In her videos, she does anything and everything when it comes to her love of video games. Apparently, this includes attempting to do a cover of The Legend of Zelda‘s”Overworld Theme” on a YAMAHA recorder.

Throughout her multiple start-and-stop attempts, Asuka does manage to squeeze out a cover of this score. You know it’s going to be entertaining to watch when she keeps on snickering and laughing about it throughout.

What do you think of this video? Who’s an actor or athlete you were genuinely surprised to learn loves video games? Let us know in the comments below!

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