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E3 was one hell of a show this year. Zelda fans sure got everything they could hope for and more, and of course Nintendo dropped a giant bomb with the Wii U announcement. It didn’t stop there of course, because this IS Nintendo. They always seem to have a few tricks up their sleeve.

They announced Luigi’s Mansion 2 to much delight, and of course broke the news that Smash Bros next game will be on the Wii U and 3DS, making for a great new experience. For some, that wasn’t even the biggest news. Darksider’s 2 was announced as a Launch title for Wii U, and 3rd parties were going crazy over their support for the Wii U platform. It was so impressive that EA, the largest game publisher in the world, actually graced Nintendo’s stage for the first time ever.

We’ve heard a few hints about Nintendo’s new online system, and of course have seen tons of hands on footage of everything Nintendo has to offer. We even got to see a Wii U exclusive game get announced by Ubisoft. Killer Freaks from Outer Space is a pretty awesome looking FPS made by the Raving Rabbids team… and you can see the influence in the creatures from outer space your shooting. Best part? It takes place in the UK!

Nintendo didn’t do too much wowing with software this year, unless of course you count the Zelda HD Wii U Experience… which sure got us and everyone else on the internet buzzing over Zelda HD. Of course for you Zelda fans, we hope you guys got all the Skyward Sword love you could handle.

It was a very hectic E3 for us at ZI, as we provided over 100 news posts and articles in the last 3 days, and served over 57,000 viewers who viewed over 206,000 pages. It was the most traffic we have received in the history of the site, and it wasn’t just for our Zelda coverage.

Speaking of coverage, I really wanted to reach out to you guys and see how you think we did. We’re aware we had the most comprehensive Zelda coverage on the net (per usual), but I am also interested in hearing about how you think we covered the rest of Nintendo as well.

Now, before you answer I need to apologize a little bit. Due to how quickly we were posting things, especially in regards to myself, we often did not get time to proof read our news posts, so they were at time littered with typos and grammar mistakes due to the rushed nature. In fact, with the recent PS Vita post I made, I didn’t even have time to properly fact check – some what I said was still based on when it was the NGP… and some things have changed since then. It’s not just DLC based, as it does have a cartridge system as an example.

So, what did you think of our coverage? What would you like us to cover more of instead of Zelda? We’re not done yet folks, as we have hands on impressions coming, but we still would love to have your opinion help shape our future. As always, stay classy Zelda Informer, and keep coming back for what we hope is some of the best Nintendo coverage on the net.

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