At least, that’s what Topher Cantler of Destructoid

feels. He’s felt this way for so long that he finally had to let the

world know why. Believe it or not, the graphics have a lot to do with

it. The Wind Waker has been known to create its own small cult following, similar to the Majora’s Mask

crowd. Not that this following is bad, or inherently wrong. In fact,

the two game following seem to even share certain thoughts on the

franchise. Hit the jump to see my thoughts on the subject.

The Wind WakerThe article can be found here. It’s actually a really interesting read. He brings up points such as foot prints in the sand, emotions on the faces, eyebrows raising to make you look at things, the eyes following enemies, among many other minor details that The Wind Waker provided. I must say, reading his thoughts really does make me rethink a game that I will admit I have overlooked. While it wont unseat Majora’s Mask as my favorite game in the franchise, it will definitely make me consider it for my number 2 spot.

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