wii-saddle-patent-figure-1A.jpgThat’s right. Nintendo continues their line of batshit insane patents.

The latest in the series seems to be an inflatable saddle-controller

that makes use of the wiimote to simulate horseback riding. This begs

the question: which games are Nintendo making this gadget for? Zelda? I

don’t think I could continue to work for this site if this happened.


all seriousness, what ever this thing is intended for, it cements the

fact that Nintendo has gone back to its roots, prior to entering the

video game business and once again become a gimmick selling toy company

that’s audience is children under 10 years. I guess they’re doing what

ever they can to survive this recession and sell more units than Sony

and Microsoft.

What’s worrying here is that in the official

patent, Nintendo hints at the possibility of using the nunchuck as a

sword to fend off enemies while riding that thing… The end is nigh!

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