Nintendo Select Range

Yesterday we reported on a line of Nintendo games called “Wii Select”, which is basically a selection (hence “select”) of Wii games marked down to $19.99 in the US to correspond with the Wii price drop. Above you can see the apparent box art for the first four titles in the series: Animal Crossing: City Folk, Mario Super Sluggers, Wii Sports, and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. As you can see on the covers, this line of games is actually called “Nintendo Selects”, and not “Wii Select” as earlier reported.

In yesterday’s post, it was suspected that Super Smash Bros. Brawl would be an included title, however there has been no such confirmation as of yet. A Mario Kart Wii bundle, available with both the White and Black Wii, is allegedly also coming. Given the title “Nintendo Selects”, I’m wondering if we can expect this to expand to DS games, and maybe even 3DS games as time progresses. Although games are still being developed for the DS, it is nearing the end of its lifetime, soon to be replaced entirely by the 3DS. As the price drop in the Wii is due to the approaching Nintendo Café/Stream, don’t be surprised if “Nintendo Selects” soon includes DS titles. No details have been provided as of yet on when we can expect “Nintendo Selects” to be available.

Source: Nintendo World Report [via: Destructoid]

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