There was a lot of really great content within today’s Smash Direct, but as they say… even the best make mistakes. Pointed out to me by our Managing Editor, I just couldn’t wait to share a rather interesting goof that involves the one and only Triforce… and Kid Icarus. A stage from Brawl called Skyworld is returning in Super Smash Bros for Wii U, but as you can see above it has a symbol attached that is 100% unrelated. This isn’t Skyloft, it’s a stage based on Kid Icarus. Unless this is some psuedo confirmation of a Kid Icarus and The Legend of Zelda Crossover game. Heck, that sounds like a great idea. Retro Studios… get on it!

The game is still in development (it hasn’t gone gold yet, despite a less than a month remaining until launch) so it is highly likely this mistake will get cleaned up assuming it comes from the core base for the game itself, rather than an earlier build. Though with a tight schedule, it would be interesting to see if this makes it into the final version before they patch the game (which will inevitably happen to fix bugs). Come to think of it… Skyworld confirmed for Zelda U? Everyone’s still human folks!

Source: Smash Direct

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