Final Ganon Battle

One of the things that I love about our Facebook Page is how fans of our site are able to share their own creations – whether that’s fan art, music, videos, fan-made games, or as it is in this case, an article. This piece comes from Zach and is called “Music that Moves Me”. I can honestly say that Zach’s blog moved me, no pun intended. He talks about how music, and especially gaming music like Zelda’s really triggers and becomes entwined with our emotions.

Music is memorable; we hear a tune from Zelda and it sticks with us. When we hear that song, we remember that moment and we remember the emotions it evokes. Zach discusses how it applies for him, and I can think of some examples from Ocarina of Time that ring true for me. There’s the Last Battle theme, which every time I hear wells up passion and desire within me. I connect the song with living up to your destiny and achieving the very best that you can. It is about the fulfillment of dreams, it is Link doing what his childish mind carved into his tree house. It relates directly back to Sheik’s quote: “A childish mind will turn to noble ambition”.

Another example for me is the song “Meet Again Zelda”, which plays many times, but notably in the scene in the game’s ending where Link and Zelda are in the clouds and Zelda sends Link back in time. It makes me think of friendship and intimacy. Of a certain special person that because of circumstances you just can’t be together the way you wanted – just like Link gets sent back in time. Likewise to before, it hearkens back to another of Sheik’s lines: “Young love will become deep affection.”

So thank you Zach for a very stimulating blog entry. I highly recommend that everyone gives it a read and then let us know in the comments below what emotions songs from Zelda evoke in you.

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