For starters, I really get what he’s saying. 8 bit music is extremely memorable because it’s essentially just the melody and nothing else. However, I don’t agree that necessarily everything is better today musically than it is in an 8 bit version. Clearly, 8 bit music (chiptunes) are still really popular thanks mostly to gamers. Of course, I also agree that music has gotten better. Take the Super Mario Galaxy Theme as an example. It’s a masterpiece and any Nintendo fan can recognize it the moment it starts to play. Of course, as I said, 8 Bit music has it’s merits. Hell, I got 8 Bit Rick’Rolled once.

Still, I do think today’s theme music needs to focus a lot more on the melody than most games presently do. Also, if Nintendo doesn’t give Skyward Sword orchestrated music, I’ll be the guy heading the lynch mob outside of Nintendo’s headquarters in Japan.

Source: The Escapist

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