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It’s not something that tends to get talked about a lot on Zelda fansites, but what do you name Link when you play a Zelda game? I remember when I was little there were a few times that I named him “Zelda”, because for some reason I thought he should be the titular character. I know I then moved on to more Lord of the Rings Rohan-type names like Éomer.

I’d also be lying if I didn’t admit giving Link some names that I won’t be repeating on this family-friendly website, just for a laugh whenever someone said his name. Nowadays, unless I am wanting to play the second quest of the original (which means calling the file ZELDA), I always name him Link.

It’s not a real lack of imagination or anything. It’s like that gossip stone in Ocarina of Time that says “They say that players who select the “HOLD” option for “Z TARGETING” are the real “Zelda players”. I’ve always agreed with that as my personal preference, but when it comes to naming the file I kind of think that “Link” is what he should be called. Understandably, if you share your games that might become a tad confusing, and naming Link is just another way that we’re supposed to project ourselves on to the empty shell that Link is. Regardless, “Link” will forever be my filenames. So what do you name Link? Let us know in the comments below.

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