We’re Sorry

Now that the Wiimote nose shoving is out of the way, it’s time to get right into it. Yes, the “confirmed” rumors the other day were indeed false and the “title” of the post was a bit misleading. We didn’t intend to side step questions and drag it out, nor did we really intend for it to get spread all over the net. We figured it would be entertaining, and we could of never anticipated the out lash. To this point, we were wrong. Knowingly wrong at that. Whether or not you ever trust us as a news source again is entirely up to you. We cannot do anything, say anything, or renew any sort of faith by sheer words. We screwed up, were sorry, and we are indeed trying to move on. We are covering the new game, Skyward Sword, as best we can and as fast as we can.

We have no excuse for the post, or the misinformation. We are truly sorry for “whoever’s lives” this deeply affected. We never intended it to hurt anyone personally. We hope you enjoy our continual coverage of Skyward Sword, and if your trust has been misplaced and you wish to move on, I highly suggest check our affiliates list and going to any number of those sites. Thanks for reading, and were sorry this whole mess happened.

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