While I’m late by a few days, I’d like to congratulate Caleb on the whole getting married thing. (No his announcement wasn’t an April Fools joke, he REALLY got married). It really puts things in perspective when somebody you know… through a Legend of Zelda fan website…… actually gets married. I think it’s really awesome for Caleb and the newest member of the Simpson (and Zelda Dungeon family… sorta) Michelle. I’ve gotten to know them very much since Caleb came aboard at Zelda Dungeon and the two of them really are into that love thing. I sure hope the Nintendo DS that I got them for their wedding (great wedding gift ain’t it), is being put to good use. Now Phantom Hourglass is more than just a bunch of walkthrough pages that we created, it’s actually a game Caleb could play. Hehe, anyway, while I’m sure the honeymoon is more important than this little news post, if you do take the time to check out the site… congrats Caleb and Michelle!

A quick mention of the Zelda Dungeon Alliance. While I did say there would be 10 sites a part of it, (still looks as if there will be 10 sites), 2 of them will not be ready for when we launch the layout. Thus, that means there is only one more to announce… and that should be within the next week or so. So about that Layout that we’ve hinted at for some time, when is it going to launch? I’m setting a tentative date of… April 19th (pending the date Caleb gets back home and returns to the slave life of working on Zelda Dungeon). For all intents and purposes, the Layout is… complete, basically. Many of you have seen a preview but you all should get a look at it in a few weeks.

So a few weeks back I announced Zelda Comic as part of the Alliance and it seems it has sparked them to make a moderate comeback (just as I predicted 🙂 ) Mario has released two more episodes in his long archive of Comics. The most recent comics relate to Link, Saria, Bub, Pit, and Navi’s trip through the desert. Episode 302 discusses there trip to the Great Palace, 303 discusses some laser glasses, and 304 is what happens when they get lost. They are all great reads and highly recommended (especially 302… love that one). I should be back later this week with the next Alliance announcement.

Zelda Comic Episode 302
Zelda Comic Episode 303
Zelda Comic Episode 304

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