We Need Your Help

Link Holding a RupeeNo, this isn’t the ever classic “we need new site staff” or “if you would like to write for ZI”… rather this is a need of a more pressing matter. In fact, there isn’t even a nice way to necessarily go about it: We need your money or ZI will not be online by the end of this month.

In short, we do not have the money this month for our server costs, which is 100$ USD every month. The entire year, we have been paying this out of pocket as a staff, and the last couple months we had to go to emergency back up payment methods such as credit cards. Obviously, that gets dicey, as if we didn’t have 100$ to pay the bill, we obviously don’t have the money to pay the credit card back. So we are simply asking for you folks to chip in a dollar or two for this months bill. Any extra funds we receive will go to the hosting bill next month, and the month after. In either case, if all of you chip in 1$, we will have enough money to stay afloat for the next two years! You can donate, via paypal, by clicking on the donate button at the top of the right nav or simply by clicking here. We appreciate your donations, and look forward to continuing to bring you some of the best Zelda coverage around.

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