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So, it’s astounds me at times what our fan base accomplishes. Not that such things don’t happen all over the net, I’m sure they do, but the fact so many things happen here really brings a smile to our faces. Everything we do at this site is for you guys, so when we see what you guys do for us it really brings it all together that we are just one giant family. So, what is this all about? The donation drive is over, having reached our goal within days of going offline, you guys, the fans, have assured that we will indeed not be seeing any downtime anytime soon. On top of that, we got enough total donations to also acquire Xenforo, which we will implement as our new forum software sometime down the road when an IPB3 Converter is created. The stellar improvements of Xenforo over IPB3 are astounding, and we can’t wait to get this new forum package live for our viewers.

There are 3 major donaters that I want to give some recognition to simply because of the copious amount of money they gave to ensure we stay online. For starters Dark Goron, our image editor extraordinaire, gave 76$ to our cause. A nice, hefty, amount wouldn’t you say? Well it only got bigger from that point on. LOZ Historian, a now retired staff member and continual fan of the site, dropped 170$ into our little donation hat. Thought that amount was crazy? Sary dropped 230$ into the money bin. This means that Sary isn’t going to have worry about a preorder for Skyward Sword, as this one is on the house, per our promise. We of course want to thank all the rest of you out there who gave any money at all to the cause. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated as we look to bring you a better and more fulfilling site down the road.

Of course, donations aren’t the only reason you guys are awesome. Presently, several of our members are throwing together an in house Twilight Princess comic/manga, which of course we have thrown our full support at. In addition to the original Pokemon League started by staff member River Zora, the community spurted the creation of the Element Tournament. Know that “Complete Princess” Dōjinshi? It’s being translated by Sary, who only recently got promoted to staff just a couple days ago. While a lot of this has happened through our Community Forums, you can’t help but marvel at the great things this fan base keeps doing.

Oh and there is a new comment system folks. The original system literally just broke while I was still making this update. Luckily, we had been planning to switch over to intense debate for some time, but we hadn’t had time to fully test it. Our resident coder is MIA right now, so the comment system still as one “small” issue. When viewing posts from the index, it wont give you a proper comment count, but once you click on the update, it gives a proper comment count inside. I know, odd. I’ve been looking for the code snippet the index uses but no success so far. In either case, the comment system works.

The bad news is that means the some odd 10,000 or so comments we had in our system are no longer visible publicly. I know, it’s a pain in the ass, and once Dennis is back around we may yet go back to the old system, but for now it’s worth at least seeing what you guys think of the new system. If you like it… it stays!

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