It's Gonna HappenThere always seems to be some interview, document, manga, or even a text dump that is in need of translation so us English speaking folks can get the chance to enjoy even more Zelda stuff. However, providing this material fully translated has been spotty at best. No one seems to be fully dedicated to doing this, and often times we are relying on second hand translations that are short one sentence summaries of a 4 page interview. We are looking to rectify this problem by hiring a Japanese translator!

We have many things that need translations for current projects, future projects, and in general for future use in terms of magazine scans and general interviews for translation. So you know Japanese and would be willing to volunteer your time to helping out the Zelda Community, so your merely asking yourself… where do I sign up! You can shoot us a email via our contact form! It’s really that simple. You would be doing the Zelda community a great service.

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