Well, as you can see, we are now back and ready to rock. We were attacked by a group of hackers and the issue has been resolved, and the forums and site are now kicking. (Though expect some intermittent downtime in the next day or so as we mess with the backend.) Anyways, RPGReviewers decided to, you guessed it, review us.

They gave us a score of 84%, which is currently second overall among Zelda sites. While we appreciate the review, and are happy to recognize it (especially since they said some very nice things about us), I can’t necessarily say that it’s very professional. There are flaws in their reviews for nearly every site they have reviewed, lots of grammar mistakes, and they are really rather short. Honestly, it’s not really much of a review, but we’ll take it. Check out what they had to about us here.


The forums are kind of broken, and yes we are aware of this, and yes we are working on fixing it. In the meantime, the VGRC forums are working, so just hang tight until everything is back online.

Current forum status: Offline, temporary forums here.

Current comment status:

Disabled, will be enabled shortly.

Scratch that, comments are re-enabled.

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