Linkalmostdead.jpgFeeling a little sadistic today? Great! Inside you can watch Destructoid’s Jonathan Holmes get completely wrecked by the Stalfos in the Sky Temple. Multiple heart damage GET! It only looks like he got hit 3, maybe 4 times, and down he went. This is why Nintendo included a fairy and so many health potions in your inventory for the demo – because it’s people’s first experience and they are likely to get wrecked.

This excites me, as simple waggle just isn’t going to cut it, and you actually have to pay attention and “try”, even on an enemy as common as a Stalfos. Just think, multi heart damage in the FIRST dungeon? That’s not even a boss! This Stalfos is a just an enemy protecting an optional upgrade for the Beetle! Yeah, I’m liking what I am seeing… that’s for sure. Here’s hoping the final boss can do something crazy… like knocking off 6 hearts per hit!

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