Watch 14 Minutes of Watch Dogs Gameplay

Watch Dogs is shaping up to be one of the most exciting games of this Fall, and Ubisoft is ratcheting up the anticipation with the release of a 14-minute gameplay demo. The video reveals some new gameplay elements we haven’t seen before and shows off more applications for more familiar elements like hacking. Head inside to see 14 minutes of hacking, running, driving, shooting, and multiplayer!

The video shows off some of the open-world gameplay we can expect, like breaking into cars and hacking into the city’s computer system to change the environment(known as CtOS—see what they did there?). But there’s a few things that we’re seeing for the first time like the randomly generated crime-fighting missions via the city’s crime prediction system, and “focus”, which is basically bullet-time. Battling crime improves your reputation so people view you as less of a terrorist, but the perpetrator has the ability to fight back. In the video, a chase is triggered and the player takes some fire from the criminal. The coolest part, as seen in previous gameplay videos, is using the blocker to crash cars.

The latter half of the video shows off a multiplayer segment where another player drops in on your game and tries to hack you. When they drop in, you get no notice. You probably won’t even notice they’re there until you get the warning that you’re being hacked. This triggers a search and potential fight, if you’re found.

There’s a bunch of cool gameplay moments in this video, and one of the reasons it’s looking like one of the best games of the year is that some amazing things can happen without even being in a mission. Check it out!

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