G4 recently started their yearly Videogame Deathmatch series and this time it’s to determine which franchise is the best all time. However, this is much more than just a mere competition for video game supremacy, it’s a chance for one lucky person to get his hands on a Panasonic 3D Plasma TV. Every time you cast a vote, you are entered for a chance in a random drawing. This means the more times you vote, the better chance you have of walking away with an amazing prize. In the first round the Zelda series matches up with Halo.

Other notable key matchups for Nintendo franchises includes Mario verse Madden NFL, Metroid verse Mortal Combat, and Pokemon verse Resident Evil. All in all this is a tough nail biting competition and any franchise could realistically end up on top.

In order to cast your votes and get a chance to win a 3D TV, you’ll have to register at G4, enter the appropriate details, and then simply cast your votes. Naturally you’ll want to continue to follow the competition past the first round for more chances to win and to follow your favorite franchises as they fight to reach the top, and as such we’ll be here reminding you when each new round starts. I know I have entered for a chance to win, and to see Zelda reach the pinnacle as the best series ever. Will you? Also, outside of Zelda, what is your other favorite franchise?

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