Videogame Character Dating Site

Link Dating Picture

Are you feeling a bit lonely today on Valentine’s Day? Imagine how the characters in the video game world must feel. While we control them with the press of a button or the swing of a Wiimote, they too want to get out of the house and meet their special person for Valentine’s Day. Luckily there is a dating service made just for them!

The guys at GameSpy have put together a Videogame Character Dating Site, in which it shows some of our favorite video game characters. Who is the first one on the list? Well, our beloved Link! You’d think that with the dozens of female characters that seem to be attracted to Link, he wouldn’t have to go through the process of using a dating website, but apparently he does. Listed below is the about me portion of Link’s profile. NOTE: It’s a bit pg-13ish, so skip along if you don’t want to read up on this.

“I’m a whimsical kid who loves music, adventures and horseback riding. A typical date with me might start with a boat ride down a waterfall as I serenade you with song. After that I’ll make the moon appear as I sneak into your Gerudo Fortress and splash you with my Lon Lon Milk”

Quite the dirty fellow is Link. Be sure to visit Gamespy’s Videogame Character Dating Site for the full profile on Link and several other video game characters.

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