Finally we’ve got the first official trailer for Ocarina of Time’s impending 3D release next month. If this isn’t getting you excited, then I seriously question what you’re even doing here at a Zelda fansite. Nevertheless, this video looks stunning and shows off some scenes that we hadn’t yet seen in this remake. The mention of “animated blood” in the rating has me hopeful, as does the fact that the trailer shows no changes except in the graphics. The more it adheres to the original, the better it is going to be in my opinion. With just over a month to go we can expect to see plenty more snippets of Ocarina of Time 3D throughout May. Now, stop reading my ramblings and check out the trailer.

Update: I’ve traced this back to its original source at the official Ocarina of Time 3DS site. Check out the full trailer breakdown below courtesy of Alex.

  • The scene showing Zelda and Impa fleeing on horseback is animated very fluidly
  • When Link flips around to face Ganondorf, you can see his Goron Bracelet glisten
  • The Stalchildren still break apart like they did in the original, but with the higher framerate this is presented much more cleanly
  • Bombs are now fully 3D-rendered objects instead of flat tiles
  • As King Dodongo inhales, you can see a “fireball” start to form in his open mouth
  • When Link pulls the Master Sword out of the Pedestal of Time, it comes out at a slight angle, making the scene look less artificial
  • First scenes of the Gerudo Training Ground and the Fire Temple; Volvagia’s room really pops with the new lighting effects
  • Sheik’s movements look much more natural as well – check out that feminine grace!
  • The way the Spin Attack charges and discharges is really cool-looking, just like in the original
  • The stained-glass and other ornate decorations in Ganon’s Tower have gotten a major (and beautiful) overhaul
  • Everything feels very familiar, especially the iconic scenes, locales, and characters


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