Fan match-ups happen all the time, be it in a discussion with friends, a comment battle on YouTube, or… well, an actual battle on YouTube. These imaginary fights pit our favorite characters against each other and have seen many variations, but most often match-ups like to pit warrior against warrior – like Link vs. Cloud, for instance. Such is not the case today. As part of their Ultimate Fan Fights series, YouTube users James Mark and Yung Lee of START brought us a battle between two popular… fairy boys. Take the jump to see!

Now, there’s a certain cheesiness factor that tends to slip into most lower-budget fan videos, and that holds true here, but for the most part I felt this was a pretty well-made video. They did a good job of capturing the characters, especially Peter Pan’s playfully childish demeanor (though Link seems a bit… angrier than usual). On top of that, the fighting wasn’t bad, and Link’s finisher was pretty sweet.

How did you like the battle? What do you think of this match-up? Can you think of other possibilities for mixing these worlds? I personally would like to see Tinkerbell and Navi duke it out… I mean, seriously; the mute, stubborn Tink versus our favorite nag ever? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Source: START on YouTube

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