Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:

Spirit Tracks Collectors Tin This tin to my right in an exclusive offer from GameStation.co.uk. It appears to be an UK exclusive offer. The tin includes all that you see in the picture: A metal case, two figurines, and the game itself. It’s a preorder bonus and is available as long as supplies last.

There are presently no other Zelda related preorder bonuses in the English speaking countries at this time. Just another awesome Zelda deal that people not in the United States get. They get cool figurines and a neat case, we get Zelda Posters from Club Nintendo. Oh well, at this point I am use to not witnessing the same sort of Zelda love stateside. Go inside to see a picture of the figurines as well as the price tag.

Spirit Tracks Figurines

The special offer costs £39.99 so if your in the UK be sure to get this while supplies last.

Source: GameStation

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