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Coffee With Games has released an interesting feature looking at Twilight Princess as a part of the Nintendo Selects range. The feature, called Nintendo Selects & The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Data Report, firstly goes over some statistics gathered via the Nintendo Channel in the US since the game’s release in November 2006. It then goes over some other stats like review scores. Read on for a dot point rundown of all the interesting stats.

  • 1,221,903 Wii owners have recorded playing the game through the Nintendo Channel.
    • That’s an increase of 167, 097 since June 2010
  • 58,755,999 Total Hours of game-play reported
    • That’s an increase of 8,939,570 total Hours since June 7, 2010.
  • Average play time is 48 Hours 5 Minutes
    • 51 minutes higher than the average in June 2010.
  • Average play-time per session is 2 hours 21 minutes, across an average of 20.21 sessions.
  • Amazon Sales rank of #245, with the Nintendo Selects version at #118.
  • Professional review average is 94.51% and 89.80% from consumer reviews.

Some fantastic figures amongst them. The average review scores are very good, although a little down on the consumer reviews compared to the professional. Remembering that all of the play time data is only for those in the US, who submit data to the Nintendo Channel, the actual figures are likely to be notably higher. Add to that, this is only for the Wii version. What about you? How much time have you spent on Twilight Princess. For me it would be a good couple of hundred hours on the Gamecube, with 20 or so on one playthrough of the Wii version. Do you prefer the Wii or original GameCube version?

Source: GoNintendo

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