The Twilight Princess walkthrough has more or less been an ongoing project for me for the last several months. Today I am finally ready to release the first part of the guide.

~ Twilight Princess ~
Walkthrough Index Page
Walkthrough Chapter 01 – Ordon Village

The first portion of the walkthrough takes Link on a quest through the early stages of the game within Ordon Village and Faron Woods. He gathers the Fishing Rod, the Slingshot, the Wooden Sword, a Lantern, and much more. The walkthrough concludes when Link first enters into the world of Twilight.

New additions to the walkthrough should start appearing rapidly now that the first one is available. The plain text of the entire walkthrough is actually already completed. All the work that is going into the walkthrough now is strictly for gathering screenshots, constructing images, and formating the pages.

In addition to the site walkthrough, a corresponding video walkthrough is also in the works. It will be structured similarly to the Legend of Zelda Video Guide and be directly related to the site walkthrough. The video will act as if somebody were playing the game using the site walkthrough. Standard commentary will be available by me as well throughout the video.

Any comments, critiques, and suggestions are greatly appreciated and strongly recommended. Thanks for bearing with me the last few months.

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