Sorry about the delay in updates, but we were having a few server problems and I was unable to update yesterday. Nevertheless, things seem to be back to normal. Chapter 4 of the Twilight Princess Video Walkthrough has been added and you can view it at the link below.

~ Twilight Princess ~
Video Walkthrough Chapter 04 – Forest Temple

Chapter 4 runs just over 46 minutes and it takes Link through the Forest Temple. Link will get all the usual dungeon items, several heart pieces, and the gale boomerang. The chapter concludes at the end of the Temple after Link has defeated Diababa.

On a side note, I have a bit of unfortunate news to present to you. Originally my plan was each Friday to get an update on both the Twilight Princess Site and Video walkthrough. Unfortunately as I’ve found out in recent weeks, this isn’t going to be possible, just because the amount of time that goes into the work on these two walkthroughs. I will still try and get a new content update in every Friday, but my original goal of getting both a Site and Video update each week seems impossible at this time. We’ll just take it week by week and see how the walkthrough progresses. Thanks for bearing with us while we go through some slow times.

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