Kaepora Gaebora Upside DownYouTuber TrailerDrake, known best for his Unpopular Opinion series, has finally caved to the demands of his viewers. Drake made his name by pointing out the weaker parts of popular games and series gathered a few million views combined over all of these videos. But now he’s done with being so negative all the time and drawing flak from all the over-protective gamers who love their series and will hate everyone who speaks otherwise to death, so he decided to go another route: be friendly and say things that he will get no flak for, since everyone shares these opinions. For this first episode he started with the most popular Zelda game, Ocarina of Time. Watch the video after the break, and see if he agrees with your opinions!

In all seriousness though, Drake does pose the quesion if he should do more popular opinions for a change. If you enjoy his work and have an opinion on this, please share this with him.

But are there any opinions he missed, or opinions that you think have a bigger weight than those in the top 10? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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