Brawl Players

Major League Gaming was recently made aware of allegations of match fixing on the part of Pro Super Smash Bros. Brawl players Mew2King and ADHD at the recent MLG D.C. Pro Circuit Competition. The Official MLG Rules clearly state that no players may engage in “intentional Forfeiting or conspiring to manipulate Rankings or Brackets,” with one of the possible penalties for such a violation being a competition ban.

Following an official investigation of the above allegations by the MLG Conduct Committee, both players have been banned from competing at MLG Dallas. Further penalties and sanctions may be imposed at a later date

To grasp how big of a blow this is for the Smash community. Brawl was removed from the MLG years ago, and only recently due to high demand brought back in 2010. However, these two particular players may have just crumbled any chance of Brawl returning to the circuit in 2011. While cheating has happened in the past during MLG tournaments, it’s never happened at the very top level of competition. We’re talking about taking the top 3 places at the tourney, with real cash prizes numbers in the few thousand for first place. It’s still wildly debated what exactly happened, but there are mountains of evidence suggesting matches be thrown to instead split the prize money. That not only fixes matches, it leads to less intriguing matchups for the on lookers who ultimately are the reason there are cash prizes to begin with. You can find out more about this situation here.

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