Great Fairy Face

While these videos have been on YouTube for over a year and almost a year, one of them has been recently released by PeanutButterGamer as his debut video on Seen as we didn’t pick them up in the past, I’m fine doing so now this time around.

These videos are of the Top 20 weirdest characters in Zelda. Stick around for the videos, the list, and to let us know which characters you think are the weirdest.

20 – The Old Man (The Legend of Zelda)

19 – Tott (The Wind Waker)

18 – Zant (Twilight Princess)

17 – Kamaro (Majora’s Mask)

16 – Guru-Guru (Ocarina of Time)

15 – Grog (Ocarina of Time)

14 – Dr. Mizumi/Lake Scientist (Ocarina of Time)

13 – Salvatore (The Wind Waker)

12 – Ooccoo (Twilight Princess)

11 – Malo (Twilight Princess)

10 – Falbi (Twilight Princess)

9 – Great Fairies (Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask)

8 – Maggie’s Father (The Wind Waker)

7 – Shop Keeper (Link’s Awakening)

6 – Happy Mask Salesman (Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask)

5 – The Postman (Majora’s Mask and Twilight Princess)

4 – Agitha (Twilight Princess)

3 – Toilet Guy (Majora’s Mask)

2 – Carpet Merchant (Ocarina of Time)

1 – Tingle (Appears in not enough games)

Honarable mentions: Ghost Hunter (Ocarina of Time), Anju’s Grandma (Majora’s Mask), The Twin Jugglers (Majora’s Mask), ERROR (Adventure of Link), Jovani (Twilight Princess), Bean Merchant (Ocarina of Time) and others.

Source: Blistered Thumbs (via Zelda Universe)

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