sheik.pngStory time, kids. Long before any of you were born—way back in my party hard days—I attended this small get-together to celebrate the beginning of summer. As my friends and I walked into the backyard, we passed this person who casually said hello to us in a semi-deep voice. Combined with their short hair and baggy clothes, I naturally said “What up, bro?”, and thought nothing of it. Later in the night, one of my friends party approached me and asked if I met a girl named Allyson earlier. I said no, but he assured me I did. “Allyson… she was here earlier. Really short hair, had a black hoody on. Dude, she’s a chick. If I lie I die.”

Apparently, something incredibly similar happened in Ocarina of Time. Felix Kemp of UK gaming website Dealspwn included the mind-blowing moment in an article listing the top 10 video game plot-twists of all-time.

In Zelda: Ocarina of Time, after sleeping for seven years and feeling a lot like Tom Hanks in Big. Link is greeted by Sheik, a mysterious agent of the Triforce. However, upon vanquishing the Temple of Time’s monster and claiming another Sage, Link discovers Sheik is in fact Zelda, the princess he fell for as a child. It seems in his seven year absence, Zelda spent some time in prison, as she’s now muscle-bound and grim-faced.

Catch spots nine through one here.

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