Straight out of the 2D world of Zelda II, InstrumentManiac brings us a cover of the toe-tapping Town Theme. You may notice that there is only one person playing, so why is it called a flute trio? It is because InstrumentManiac is playing all three flutes at the same time, due to the magic of recording and overlapping.

He recorded himself playing the flute three different times at the exact same speed, and put the three clips together. I know I wouldn’t have the patience to do that! It must have taken a long time to get the speed just right for each one.

Along with the serene sound of three flutes, InstrumentManiac uses other instruments such as a drum and a tambourine. Overall, this is a very pleasant and peaceful tune to listen to. It’s also entertaining to watch all the instruments being played at once.

Do you find this cover of the Zelda II Town Theme to be relaxing? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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