GamePro posted up some close-up footage of Ocarina of Time 3D‘s first dungeon, and it shows off a lot of the updated details. I’ve got to say, seeing all the assets and videos for this game lately have really ramped up my excitement. Fortunately, I’m on target to pick this one up at launch, so I’ll get to experience in a little over a month’s time. How about you?

Some things I noticed while watching:

  • Deku Nuts and Sticks have gotten completely new in-game sprites
  • The falling platform Link uses to reach the Slingshot looks totally different – the details remind me of Skyward Sword‘s architectural quirks
  • Some of the music does sound a little different – or at least has been somewhat rebalanced (listen to the treasure chest song, for example)
  • Gold Skulltulas look almost exactly the same, but their tokens are now glowing much brighter than before
  • The “ornate” torches have gotten a spiffy, bejeweled redesign
  • Floor textures in the lower levels of the Deku Tree bear signs of spider infestations
  • As Queen Gohma moves, she flips her claws around, giving the fight a bit of visual flourish
  • UPDATE: Those of you who have been complaining about the lighting- Gohma’s room looks just as dark as in the original game in this build, so it looks like the lighting is going to be perfectly faithful to the original in the final game.

See anything that I missed? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Gamepro via GoNintendo

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