Tips Line!

See that little brown button at the top of the menu to the right? Yep, we now have a tips line for you to drop us news tips.

It’s the fastest way to drop us news tips for inclusion on ZeldaInformer, as it’s simply an auto-forwarder to the mailboxes of a handful of our staff members. Right now it’s acting a bit iffy (it won’t mail to Dan or I, and if you sent a message to our tips address, you’ll get return errors for Dan’s and my email boxes) but rest assured, it is going through to the rest of the staff!

Aside from that little issue (which we’ll have fixed ASAP) feel free to use it.

Now, some of you may be asking, what qualifies as a news tip? Glad you asked! Here’s the kind of things we like:

News reported elsewhere we haven’t caught yet

Zelda community happenings: Varies on notability. The launch of yet another Zelda fansite? Snore. Community roundtables, promising fan-game development, mods, webcomics… if it’s something that’s actually going to be interesting to our readers, we’ll report it!

Some general Nintendo/gaming news: We don’t report on much of it, but if it has any relevance to Zelda, we may give it a shout.

While I’m here talking about news, I’d like to remind everybody of a feature we’ve had since we launched: RSS syndication. Just hit the “Syndicate” section of the menu to the right for our RSS feed, which works in a plethora of various newsreaders, if you’re into that sort of thing. Great for keeping completely up-to-date with the latest Zelda news.

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