Our painfully detailed coverage of whatever it is that new Tingle game is called continues with new information from Famitsu. No, the game hasn’t been canceled. Yes, there will be characters based on The Wizard of Oz.

You read correctly: aiding Tingle in his book-escaping/woman-seducing adventure will be a strong but cowardly lion, a smart but heartless robot woman, and a useful but brainless scarecrow. Sort of like Pokemon, but less original and nowhere near as cute.

In more exciting news, this won’t be one of those games devoid of any sort of violent behavior—both projectile and vehicular combat will be making an appearance. 3D dungeons are somehow worked into the mix as well.

Props to IGN for the info; catch scans of the Famitsu article @ TheHylia.

tingle from the legend of zelda

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