Tin Anniversary

You know how a Golden Anniversary is used to commemorate the 50th year… and silver is 25th… Well, Tin Anniversary represents the 10th year anniversary. That my friends is what yesterday was. No not for me… or for Caleb… or for Zelda Dungeon, but for our friends at Ganon’s Tower. Yesterday marked the 10th year of their existence, putting them in the elite club that is only occupied by our friends at Zelda Power and North Castle.

It’s no secret that Ganon’s Tower has depreciated in the last few years of its existence. Dan, their webmaster, who is otherwise known as Ganon, just hasn’t had the time or desire to keep Ganon’s Tower up to date with more modern Zelda sites. The site has suffered because of this, with much of their material becoming very outdated and borderline useless. In recent years the site has shifted to where the community message boards are now the center of attention.

I can’t speak for Dan or anybody at Ganon’s Tower, but in my opinion, we could be nearing the end of the road for the website. It’s been quite a long journey over the past decade. The site was once just a tiny fan site, and then became a refugee of the enormous ZeldaGames.com. From that point it grew to becoming one of the most popular Zelda fan sites in existence. It really has experienced all the highs and lows that this community has to offer. I’d like to give my formal congrats and blessings for such a great site. If this really is near the end, I’d like to give toast to Ganon’s Tower.

Happy Birthday Ganon’s Tower!

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