THQ LogoTHQ executive president of core games Danny Bilson was interviewed by GameSpot just a few days ago. He kept mentioning that Wii U isn’t made only for casual gamers and Nintendo fans, but for everyone. Also, for those who might have heard of Saints Row: Drive By, initially announced at E3 2010 to be released on the Nintendo 3DS, the game was never in development as Danny Bilson puts it.

Here is a part of the interview::

DB: If you look historically, there were a couple of games that were there at launch that did really well on the Wii.

GS: Red Steel?

DB: Red Steel for instance. But I don’t look at it as a kiddie platform. I look at it as a platform for everybody, and it has the power for everybody. So there’s going to be a lot of core games from other companies as well as us on there, and I think the gamer’s going to go for the best experience, wherever it is. Ultimately, the hardware is a small investment compared to what [gamers] spend on software. If you buy 10 games, that’s $600, and a platform? I don’t know what their price point is, but it’s a smaller investment [than the software]. I have no concern at all that core people are going to say [derisively], “Oh, it’s Nintendo.” Core gamers love Zelda. They love Mario. It’s all part of whatever a great game is.

GS: What happened to Saints Row: Drive-By?

DB: Honestly, it was an Xbox Live game that we started that was really good, but the costs were getting really high for the platform, so we shelved it. That’s all it is; it’s not really a big story.

GS: Wasn’t it announced on the 3DS as well?

DB: No, we talked about doing a Saints Row 3DS game, but we never started it. We have a couple of other things in development on the 3DS, but we wound up not starting that and starting a couple of other brands instead. There was no drama in any of that, honestly.

It seems all companies converge toward a “experience for everyone” point. I wonder what the next step will be…

Source: GameSpot (via GoNintendo)

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