streetpass.jpgIt’s coming! This Saturday is Nintendo 3DS StreetPass Day! There are many people struggling to use their street pass game, and this is an opportunity to use it. I myself have only come across twelve people, five of which I passed the day the handheld launched. I get very excited when the little light changes color to show me I have street passed someone, but it only happens maybe once a week if I go to the store.

Nintendo 3DS StreetPass Meetup events aren’t sponsored by Nintendo, so it’s up to you local people to submit for a meetup near you. To see if there is already a location near you, go here. They have over two thousand fans already, and the number is growing by the day.

The event will be coming to over a thousand communities this weekend. Some places only have two or three people planning on coming, while others have over a hundred. They state that participants have to be eighteen, or accompanied by an adult. There are a few crazies out there, so be careful. It’s a great way to play together, and meet fellow 3DS gamers. I battled it out in Super Street Fighter a few days ago in GameStop, after scanning the store for the person that looked like the Mii I’d passed.

If you want these events in your city, all you have to do is start a community through that website. I would like to myself, but I want to make sure I have a whole group coming before I start it up. You can organize a meetups wherever you want, as long as you have fun!

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