1447382104-the-legend-of-zelda-twilight-princess-hd-logoWe’re stepping into HD with Twilight Princess this year!

We will be unified under one platform for Twilight Princess HD this year. We can finally retire the scratched up disc that killed Trevor’s Twilight Princess race against Caleb from a few years back. Gone will be the funky resolutions of using both the Wii version and GameCube version on one stream. Everything will be the same resolution with the crispiness of Twilight Princess HD (On the Vizio D Series.) The amount of Wii U’s that will be hooked up is going to compete with the power requirements we needed last year for our Twilight Princess run. In case you forgot we had a whopping 9 players in last year’s marathon! We’re tacking one extra player onto the roster this year for an astounding 10 players playing Twilight Princess HD head to head for a ludicrous amount of time. This race has the potential to steal the show this year.

Last year’s race was an absolute blast because of the sheer craziness that happened once every player started the game. To keep things ultra competitive we will be eliminating players as they fall behind in the boss battles and other events in the game. To see the epic race from last year take a look at the highlight from our Twitch channel.

Watch live video from ZeldaDungeon on www.twitch.tv

Twilight Princess HD will be the ultimate benchmark for our streaming production this year. Taking in 10 separate feeds of the game as well as a webcam feed will give everyone a ton to watch. Once the herd is thinned to the last few players the race will kick into high octane as the eliminations become more heartbreaking. If you enjoyed the race from last year, expect this to be very similar in style with an extra player thrown into the mix with everyone playing on Twilight Princess HD. The setup alone for this game will be a project. Take a look at last year’s setup in this timelapse from our YouTube channel!

What we’re doing with Twilight Princess HD in a nutshell: 10 Players will throw down in an elimination style race to complete the game. This will be an Any% race where players can get whatever upgrades they need to complete the game while completing every dungeon with no glitches. Players will be playing the game on Hero Mode. Amiibo will not be used.

We’ll also be doing a few other firsts this year so be sure the check out the reason why you should make time to watch our run of Phantom Hourglass.

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