There is something so calming about watching skilled crafters work with clay, and this video of Chicago-based clay artist Adam Blythe of Thrdfloor ceramics making a Link’s Awakening 2019 inspired clay pot is no exception. If you need an eight-minute break from the world or a new DIY project to work on in your very own clay-making studio, check out Blythe’s tranquil step-by-step guide.

Blythe started by kneading and prepping the clay. Then he wet and “threw” the clay on a rotating wheel to get it close to the desired shape (think, that scene in Ghost). Once the clay dried, he trimmed it to get the shape even closer to game-accurate and added clay detailing around the top for a stylized take on the honey-pot design of the Link’s Awakening pots.

Since the release of this video, Blythe has glazed his Zelda-inspired pot and the final product can be seen in his ASMR Pottery Studio Deep Cleaning video. If you like what you see, check out more videos on the Thrdfloor YouTube channel or sign up for the newsletter on the Thrdfloor shop to get notified about restocks of Blythe’s gorgeous clay mugs.

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Source: Thrdfloor

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