There a lot of gamers out there who have a preference toward what kind of controller they use when playing a game. Professional competitors usually have a preferred setup, while for most casual/hardcore players it usually depends on which game they’re playing. When it comes to Super Smash Bros. though, there is that rare crossroads that both sides usually encounter, and that is the GameCube controller.

Controller device manufacturer 8BitDo is throwing their hat into the ring for all such players, as they are planning to release a wireless adapter for GameCube controllers, for use on the Nintendo Switch, on December 7th. Called the “GBros. Adapter” (currently priced at $20 USD),  this device reduces the amount of cables required as it uses a bluetooth receiver to connect to your console.

For those worried about your GCN controller lacking certain buttons, 8BitDo’s GBros. Adapter comes equipped with the designated Switch inputs, the Home and Screenshot buttons. The adapter has roughly 30 hours of battery life and is charged either by two AA batteries or a USB type-C cable. On top of all of this, not only is it compatible with the NES and SNES Classic’s, but it can also connect to your PC as well.

If you’re interested in grabbing yourself one, pre-orders are still being taken at 8BitDo’s official website right here. The GBros. Adapter will begin shipping on December 7th. For those unaware by that date at this point, that is of course the official release date for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Good timing on their part!

What do you think of this device? Will you be picking yourself up one? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to check out our image gallery for a closer look at the GBros. Adapter!

Source: 8BitDo

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