Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:

VGRC Promo

So for a few weeks now, we’ve been hyping up this supposed “storm” that is coming. People wondered “what is going on behind the scenes”. Some thought we had a demo of Zelda Wii (as if), others thought possibly some exclusive interviews. Still others thought we may just be going to E3. Well, truth be told, our staff has been working their asses off to bring you… VGRC – a professional gaming website. You love what we do at Zelda Informer right? Well more of it can only be better!

The same team that brought you Zelda Informer and Metroid Wiki now bring you an all around gaming site, featuring the latest news, articles, videos, podcasts, and so much more. Seriously, I don’t even know what the hell you guys are still doing here. Go over to VGRC… RIGHT NOW. Of course, this isn’t all the news we have today…

We are proud to announce that Zelda Informer and VGRC will be at E3, bringing you live coverage and exclusive content you wont find ANYWHERE else. If there is a Zelda Wii demo, we will be all over it. Like booth babes? We’ll bring you pictures of them as well. Anything you could possibly want we will provide… and then some. While Zelda Informer will be all over anything and everything to do with Zelda Wii, like we always are, VGRC will be providing so much more.

VGRC will be having live blogging of all the major press conferences, all the latest news, trailers, demo impressions, articles, a daily podcast during the event, and of course, even more exclusive E3 coverage and content you simply can’t get anywhere else. At Zelda Informer, at VGRC, we know gaming. So, while your passing time waiting for our epic predictions for Zelda Wii on the 14th, why not head over and bookmark VGRC? If you like Zelda Informer, you are going to love VGRC. Same staff, same great coverage, all of gaming. What more could you ask for?

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