Yesterday we told you of Lazard Capital Markets’ Colin Sebastian, someone who claimed the next Legend of Zelda title would be released sometime next year. Sebastian’s reasoning behind this claim was that by releasing it in 2009, a 5% growth of sales in the video game industry would be created, which is good for everybody.

After hearing of this news, the folks at PocketGamer released a small article speculating that the next Zelda will be a portable release—not on the Wii as previously thought.

For a start, Wii development takes a lot longer than DS. If it were coming so soon, surely we’d know something about it beyond Miyamoto’s vague assurance a few months ago that Nintendo is still working on hardcore franchises.

The article goes on to say that the game might be designed to incorporate the camera function of the DSi, as a way of luring gamers away from the DS and towards its upgraded successor. But remember: the site’s claims are speculation based off speculation; we have no way of knowing if any of it is even remotely true.

Read the article here.

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