Zelda Informer is proud to present to you our latest ongoing project – the full translation of the Japanese Twilight Princess manga, a paraphrased retelling of the events of the game. Unfortunately at this moment I do not have the name no info of the super awesome fan who sent us the raw scans, but as soon as I do I will make sure to properly credit our, as of now, best friend of all time.

It did take us a bit by surprise, and by surprise I mean we had no idea who to ask about the translation… Things worked out however, at least for now, and we are able to start releasing translated pages for you guys to enjoy (Thanks Sarah!). This is just the initial sneak peek and you can expect around 15 pages (Out of roughly 100) to be released weekly. This number might of course change as due to certain circumstances translation may end up slower or even faster at times.

In unrelated news, we are looking for Japanese translators. If you’re interested toss a mail to

Please note that his is a Japanese dōjinshi and as such is read from right to left. Also be warned that the pictures are gigantic. I will get normal sized versions up later today when I have more time.









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