The Gallery is Returning

You heard right, the long lost coppermine gallery is making a come

back… only not in it’s coppermine form. Part of the merger between

Absolute Zelda and ZeldaInformer included combining our never ending

resources to produce a better quality site.

Instead of coppermine, we have swiched over to the much more flexable, but expensive, Invision Pro Gallery. It is a product produced by the same people who brought us our lovely IPB forums. It’s a very rich feature, and was part of the package Absolute Zelda purchased over a year ago. It is now going to be put into full use.

All of the images that were in the old gallery wont be returning, because new image quality standard is being set in place. However over the comming days, you should begin to see more and more images plugged back into the gallery. So, be sure to check the link at the top of the site and to watch us progress to total gallery restoration.

On a side note, EA has brought over his convenient login box for the chat room. It’s not a big change, but it should be noted the “official chat room” for here is now #absolutezelda, and will be listed conveniently in the login box.

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