Aonuma Fired

Our friends over at Zelda Universe have broken some very sad news. From the article on Zelda Universe:

Eiji Aonuma, director of the Zelda series, was fired today, after several consecutive weeks of his showing up to work drunk and harassing employees, most likely due to heavy stress over the rushed release of Spirit Tracks.

Drunk and infuriated, Aonuma decided to get his revenge in the worst way imaginable – by deleting Zelda Wii. All documents, all backups (both digital and physical) were destroyed…

As much as we all love Aonuma, this is almost entirely unforgivable. We will likely not see Zelda Wii this year or the next now with years of work going down the drain. We can only hope that they can recover whatever Aonuma deleted in some way. This is a sad day in Zelda.

[Source: Zelda Universe]

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