The Zelda Project, a fan movement recreating famous scenes from Ocarina of Time using highly detailed costumes, character poses, and a ton of Photoshop, never ceases to amaze with their beautifully detailed renditions of scenes well known to most of our readers. The newest batch of pictures deviantart user, Adella, presented us with show off several snapshots of Princess Zelda in her usual, Hyrule Castle based surroundings and our faithful hero Link, looking over a beautifully crafted Hyrule Field at Death Mountain, to later be inside the Fire Temple itself, adventuring on.

The author of said project had this to say about the newest additions:

Zelda: FFFFFFFF this one was as long a time coming as Fire Temple. Joellen and I have been trying to get this shoot done for forever! I’m so stoked it’s finally on it’s way to your eyes! I’m not even kidding when I say I have made 3 of these dresses in order to get this right. The preliminary pattern worked well, but the first dress had ugly fabric so I changed that up, and then the second dress had beautiful fabric but I accidentally cut the keyhole in the front too deep and it fell beneath the armor. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ AAAAHHH!!! Third time was a charm!

Link: The Death Mountain portion of these shots were taken in Valley of Fire, NV. The Fire Temple interior shots were from the Mojave Lava Tubes. Both shoots were pretty intense, and I have to say this was definitely the most difficult of shoots to do, especially the editing.

Massive props go out to the Los Angeles based group of talented individuals! Be sure to show them some support by checking out their Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. Furthermore, consider contributing to the project if you want to see more of this (I know I do)! All pictures mentioned above are viewable in the gallery below.

Source: Deviantart

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