Wind wakerThe Wind Waker HD is almost here, and with more and more footage being released online, one thing has become clear: the remake will contain remastered music and sound. With the original GameCube title putting heavy emphasis on music, short sound clips and jingles, it’s the perfect Zelda game to receive updated sound, meaning that for many gamers on the fence over whether to buy this game or not, this may be a big push in the game’s direction.

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This compilation really showcases the sound elements of the game:

There are a number subtle changes to the music that one may need a keen ear to spot, but overall, it is obvious that everything is far more crisp. The sound is a completely different level of clear that you just couldn’t reach on the 128-bit GameCube system. Most noticeably, the jingle after the playing of Wind’s Requiem has a far clearer chime. Notice also the section where Link begins opening the treasure chest. That classic jingle is certainly remastered.

But something I really wish to point out is right at the start of the video. Note the very end of the Outset Island theme, where the iconic flute begins to play. Having spent ages on Outset Island in the original game, I can tell immediately that something is different. It is so realistic, that I would venture so far as to say it’s an actual flute. Along with this, the bokoblin fights in the video seem to offer much more realistic horns. Contrarily, Hearing the Forest Haven theme, I would certainly not say the entire game has been re-orchestrated, as that sitar still sounds synthesized, but whether the game uses real instruments or not, the sound is at a gorgeous level of quality.

Personally, The Wind Waker is home to about half of my favorite Zelda tracks, so I am ecstatic to see some remastering taking place. It’s a beautiful soundtrack, and I can’t wait to hear the HD versions of the wind temple and Molgera themes.

So what do you think? Does this make you want the game any more? Did you notice anything else in terms of sound? What other songs do you look forward to hearing? Leave your comments below.

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