The Wind Waker BradyGames Strategy Guide

I have added the BradyGames strategy guide from The Wind Waker to the Strategy Guides section of the website.

We have just recently completed our Wind Waker Walkthrough for Zelda Dungeon, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t worth looking at. If you have ever owned a BradyGames guide, you would know the type of detail the guide goes into, as well as the amazing illustrated maps that the guide provides. It is by far the longest of any of the American published Wind Waker guides and also includes a small walkthrough for Ocarina of Time, since the game was released alongside the Master Quest.

The guide is a bit more rare than the other released Wind Waker guide, but you can still find it used at Amazon for under $10.

I will be adding more miscellaneous strategy guides from the older Zelda titles in the coming weeks, including some more rare imported guides that I have recently purchased.

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The Wind Waker BradyGames Strategy Guide

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