The Undead!!! (In Zelda)

A few weeks have passed since the last one, so I finally got you guys another discussion video. Since it’s nearly Halloween, this one is themed to the occasion. This video is about the undead in Zelda. From Stalfos, to Poes, to ReDeads, Zelda has always had a wealth of the living dead to combat. Some of what I go into here involves how the undead have always appeared in Zelda but how starting with Ocarina of Time it started to theme significant chunks of the game after them. I also talk about potential ways to include the undead in the future that are outside of the norm. Enjoy!

I know it seems like I go a bit off-topic in the middle of the video, but it really is relevant, as it compares Zelda’s usage of undead themes with that of other fiction. Especially considering the idea of the living dead comes from other sources, it’s interesting to see Zelda’s version of them, and its actual usage of them within the game’s design and story.

And next week there will be another Halloween-oriented video discussion.

Do you guys like the undead themes in Zelda? Do you think in fiction overall the forces of the undead serve as a sort of ultimate evil? What are your thoughts? Tell me in the comments!

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